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Hi! I'm a normal (?) teenage girl. I'm a HUGE fan of Iron Maiden, Green Day and My Chemical Romance, and I've heard most of their songs (not just "Number of the Beast," "Welcome to the Black Parade" or "21 Guns"). Hablo español :) Je parle un peux de francais :D I LOVE Dream Theater, Black Veil Brides,classic bands like AC/DC, Queen, Metallica, and many others. I won't consider myself a fan of those last bands because I really haven't heard many of their songs and I know nothing about them. My flipnotes aren't very good, but I'm still exploring the application :P So that's it! Watch, rate, add, and see ya later!!

Oh, yeah, I (might :P) have been working on some flips:

        • They're not coming THAT soon

Bonjour, Marc! Ca va? :D

...ou est tu? :/




Reading, the Internet, listening to music, playing guitar