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Konichiwa!~ My name is Sersute (use Google translate on my user name and put Japanese to English, and hopefully you will see what my name really is. ^w^)I'm a Christian!

I'm a girl if you haven't noticed thank you very much. (insert frumpy face)

I'm turning..14 this year.. (slightly embarrassed)

I like, no I love anime and manga(Bleach, Shugo Chara and more) My favorite game: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Final Fantasy 14 actually now)

My favorite

My favorite song(s): (Anime wise) Fly Away~ Back On and (or) Change by Miwa too. ewe

J-Pop- VOCALOID ALL DA WAY~ well... some other people too... QwQ

(American Songs,or should I say 'over here' songs eUe): Me Without You - Toby Mac

Lights- (I forgot) and a whole lot of other songs I favor (mostly Christian songs)

Favorite shows- Hetalia(even though I don't like the cussing, it be funny. eue), more anime, and very, and I mean VERY little american shows (No offense, but were not that good.) Though MLP (Guess.) amuses me... OuO Oh and LOK (Guess again.)


Oh, and P.S.,

There's a difference between tsundere and kuudere thank you much. (And I am obviously kuudere) Try comparing me to Romano if you will and you will see the difference.

Link to see explaining :

(If you don't know who Romano is then watch Hetalia, if you don't know what that is then please look it up. -^-)