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I would just like to inform you all that I was RennRenn<3, Froggy:) and RawrGurl<3. Also known as the creator of the series: "Middle School Drama", "Secrets of High School" and "Troubled". My White DSi has a loose wire that connects the bottom screen and the top screen which causes it to not come on. My mom recently called Nintendo and we should be getting the paperwork soon to send in the DSi and get it repaired. Unfortunately, all my data will be gone. I'll be moving to that DSi but all my stars will be gone yet again. This time, I'll have the episodes on my SD card to guarantee that my flipnotes will remain on THAT account. My username will still be the same so do not worry. Just go to that one.

If some stars were given to help me get my stars back (9,000 stars - I had 100,000 stars on my previous DSi, that would be absolutely helpful and I'd returned the favor by giving the people 50,000 stars. :o I also host contests often so be aware of that!

Not so Normal is a series about a teenage girl named Lauren Everson. Her parents are dead due to various reasons that are revealed in later episodes. Lauren has a sister named Natalie who is pregnant and getting married to Justin Johnson. Lauren is currently in a relationship with a guy named Ryan Grant. He's a sweet but sensitive kind of guy. Lauren also has a few enemies. Her main enemy was Cassie Johnson which changes later in the series. Also, Lauren has a semi-enemy named Joshua Parker. He made Ryan believe that Lauren was in love with someone else when he put beer in Lauren's drink and made her drunk. There are many other characters such as Anna, Talia and a few other characters.