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Hello thereI'm Leaf :3 I've been on Hatena for quite some time now, I joined Hatena on March 31st 2010, but even before that I was making flips and visiting Hatena's most popular. I know i don't post like... EVER (and even though I want to I never spin off things I'm tagged on TTwTT) but for those 1320 fans (at the moment) that have stuck by me it really means a LOT >w< it helps build even a little motivation up for flips and slowly that progress builds up into a flip. I DO have a DA *That I REALLY have to start posting on cause i really am more talented at drawing on paper than Flipnote) My DA name is leaf-kun (shocker right?) but do it all lower case D: for some reason it won't let you find me if you don't (even though when i signed up i spelt it with an upper case L (Leaf-Kun)) I do very much enjoy anime :3 (I usually watch the ones that K66 recommends =w=) and i LOVE Vocaloid (it's my life ;w;) (My FAVE is Miki >w< (YES Miki with the red pink hair and the awesomeness no spelling mistake don't get me wrong miku is awesome but i like Mikis voice and design better). I used to list all my Hatena friends but they're are too many now ;w; just look at my faves and all who aren't like GIANT awesome creators (except K66 and Techno they're my friends) are my friends. I will list a few close ones though :3

Teh almighty K66!!

Me and K66 met back in August on August 14th (though she argues its the 12th XDXD) either way we've become EXTREMELY close and for those of you who try to stalk us here and see no conversation we DO still talk (almost everyday in fact) but not Hatena. too many stalkers :O she was the 2nd friend i made here :3 (Techno was first =w=) but we're definatly closer


Sun you're truely a close friend of mine >w< i feel i can tell you any thing and we share the same mind so we always find someway to make our chats the funnest XD remember when we were on the phone and i fell off my bed and landed upside down and you had to sit there and listen to me moan and complain until i could get out XDXDXD OMG *wipes tear* good time. btw " OK I'm back... hello?" "yyyeaahhh... YeEaaeEEHHHhhh..." "o.o" "XDXDXDXDXD"


I AM SOOOOOO SORRY D: I really do not comment/ star/ chat as much as i should but i want to tell you you're still one of my all time favorite creators and if you ever want to talk let me know :3 (I'm usually more on email than Hatena though =w=' but if you want my E-mail let me know i'll gladly give you it :D) TASTY JUICE~ DRINK IT THEN CONVERT IT TO P.EE!! (family guy my all time favorite show =w=)


Grell you're just plain awesome. no better than awesome i have to like make a new word XD ummmm... awesomterabulous. you're drawings are always awesome and you bring so much comedy to the chat XD

I think thats it for now... if I think of anything else I'll add it (hopefully Hatena will let this go through without me having to change a bunch of stuff like last time...)