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Starting today. I PROMISE I will update this every day. So yesterday I almost broke my back. At recess I slipped while running, flew up in the air, landed on my upper back, and all you could hear was............... CRACKING........... when I fell, I landed awkwardly and my back cracked.... when I got up, I had severe aching pain in my back....... I tried telling people I was hurt, but when I tried, I COULDN'T BREATHE OR TALK.... my color went away a bit. Then a teacher walked me up to the nurse. And I rested a little. Today I still have back soreness. But I can breathe and talk normally now. This was a TRUE STORY. NO LIE. YOU CAN ASK MY CLASSMATES, RECESS TEACHERS, AND PARENTS. IT DID HAPPEN. Okay guys, see you tommorow. I hope. -Ace. Day: April 26, 2011.


Hi. Sorry I didn't update this yesterday. I was busy. It's 9:20 pm over here. So I can't write much. Anyway, I made new friends like Poe, Derek, and Wes. They gave me plenty of stars and I had a pretty good day today. So.... That's it, I guess. Remember to fave me, watch my flips, add stars, comment, and do other things PLEASE!!! Bye. -Ace. Day: April 28, 2011.


HIEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACE HERE!!! TODAY'S THE BEST DAY EVER!!! FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :) :D :) So anyway. Today. I'm going to write things I have achieved!

I have achieved 80,000 stars!!! Higher than Benjamin who is quickly catching up to me. If you don't know him, he was my 1st fan and his id is decktree8. He's 5 days older than me.

I have achieved 25K views!!! Not too much but I see why. I haven't been here as of late but now I'm here practically every day! (If you don't know what 25K means it means 25,000).

I haved achieved 90 fans! That's practically nothing to me anymore but when I first saw it I was proud.

My best ranking was 252. But that was on my FIRST DAY OF FLIPNOTE HATENA SO THAT'S BAD!

I have achieved 1,000 comments. Pretty decent. But I'm not too satisfied.

Here are some of my friends.







Blue Torch





and more!!!!!!!!

So anyways, I got my report card yesterday and I was SOOOOOOOOOOO close to getting High Honors!!!! I had 90s and 100s on everything. Just ONE B. The rest were A's. That one B was in Conduct for Art Class. But you know that Art teachers are the worst graders. So I JUST made Honors.

Ah well. OK, I'll update this tomorrow IF I CAN. OK guys? Peace. -Ace. Day: April 29, 2011.


Hi!!!! Ace-Bomber here!! I went to the eye doctor today. My eyesight got WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( So I'm getting GLASSES in 3 WEEKS. But don't worry. I won't wear them all the time. Just sometimes! They'll be silver!!!! It's getting chilly out and it's 2:35 in the afternoon right now. Today was a good day, other than the fact that my little brother misbehaved crazily today!!! Also, my neighbor ruined my peaceful day and added screaming and craziness!!! So that also slightly ruined my day. I LIKE CHEEZ-ITS. So anyway. I'm gonna grab a soda and see you on this blog tomorrow. Okay, bye. -Ace. Day: April 30, 2011.


No one remembers me but this is still Ace saying I sadly have to quit Flipnote Hatena. Hopefully if the gods rise from the withered dust I will get a new Dsi lol and will start over. I'm 12 now. Seriously. I've been off for 2 years and since I have a new broken Dsi, I have to start a new channel with a new name. Life sucks for now. Peace -Ace. Day. July 25, 2012