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Uhm. Hi. I'm Kinori. I am what used to be called an "otaku" before idiots ruined the term.

I like to draw, and I have a lot of WIPs because I lose motivation. Same goes for my Flipnotes..... hahaha. I'm a gamer too. LoZ, ToS, DotNW, TotA, and WW (not Wind Waker, Wario Ware :P ). Those are just a few though xD I LUFF POKÉMONZ. ESPECIALLY THE MYSTERY DUNGEONS <3 <3

If I get to know you better, I might add you on FB. I'm kinda addicted, and I don't go here that much.... -scartches head- eheheh. I don't go here as much anyway cos my internet shut out. Meh. Oh, if you have a youtube, please add me. I don't care if you subscribe to me or not, just tell me who you are and add meh. I'm parisgirl97 on there, or VioFanClubGirl -shot- xD

Hrrmmm..... that's all I can think of for now..... bleh. Okay, bainiiiiii~!