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Whoever has spent time on me, my flipnotes, given me stars, commented on my flipnotes, made spin-offs of my flipnotes and what not, I want to use this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Good luck on your future journeys wherever they may take you and remember to treasure the moments behind you so you can walk towards the moments ahead of you with a smile.

Things may not go as you plan them to and you may end with your face on the ground. Don't let it stop you. Life is always moving whether we want it to or not so all we can do is to try our best and hopefully we will have a clean face more often than not.

Q: Why did the Hatena frog cross the road?

A: A major side effect from its job is severe dizziness

Two Hatena frogs meet in a bar. Suddenly one jumps up on the table and starts spinning like a ballet dancer. "What in the world are you doing" said the frog in the bar chair. "I'm waiting for my drink...".

Immediately the frog that asked the question jumps up on the table and starts copying the other frog. "Well, what are YOU doing?" said the frog that was already on the table. "Well, I'm waiting for you to stop acting like a darn moron!".