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Hello People of Hatena!!

I am Hawkstar, the awesome leader of LeafClan. I think you guys should know that I am a girl, I do have a life outside Hatena (which is why I'm not on as much anymore) and I am 15 years old. Halfway to 30... ( ._.)

My life outside Hatena includes the training of two smexy horses, my beautiful 11 year old quarter horse, Emma, and my crazy yearling mustang and tennessee walker cross, Kota, I am apart of my high school Ranger Band in which I play Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, and I am a member of the color guard, and last, but not least, I'm in the proscess of writting my own book based areound my character Kali Winters, called Undercover Affairs, and I am thinking up a plot line for a new book called The Horse and the Wolf.

My Hatena life includes a mini series called The Lost Clan and leading several groups with awesome, amazing members.

I currently have 164 fans and I love them all! Thank you guys so much! I wouldnt be here without you!

I love my Hatena frinds! You guys are the bomb and I dont know what I'd do without you! Blueheart, Leafclaw, Angelwing, Lgo, Flippy, Sparky, and Shadowolf, you guys are the main reason I stay on Hatena.

My Deviant Art is Hawkstar37. Hit me up there if you want. A few of you may have my cell phone number. Dont hesitate to use it if you need anything!

Hmm... Things that I like... Well I love animals. Even a select few snakes. XD My faves are horses, cats, wolves, and dogs. My favorite vidiogame ever is Sly 3: Honor among Theives. I also like minecraft. Its really laggy on my computer though. I used to like Assasins Creed but I havent played it in a while (I liked hitting people and ridding the horses around... :D).

Okay, Now the things I dont like. I dont like people who throw a fit when someone uses a name that they've used. I recently realized how retarded it is. There are 7 billion people in the world. Theres not enough names to go around. GET OVER IT! (A little ranty arent I?) I dont like false acusers and I dont like art stealers. (putting aside the fact that my favorite game has to do with stealing...)

I think thats all... Later guys!

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