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sooooooooo im rly random, i love CERTAIN people and have many, many friends. i am a bubbly person and cant be stopped once i decide something. I am blunt, hardheaded,a LOSER, amazing and a Weirdo. But my friends and family loves me cuz of it... sooooo its all good in the neighba-hood! ♥♥♥♥ ♫♪♫♪ ○○○○ ♦♦ ♣♣ (yeppers im beast!) • ↑↓→ ←

~~ ♥love you guys!♥

Ema V••V

im back!!! lol i havent been on fer a while but im back...just..yeh..still a loser xD and still breakin hearts and takin names...i am currently single..and ehhhhh....yeh </3 soo i dont care lol </ppp>

check out my flip notes, allll new ones will be comeing soon!!

  • peace out \\// -