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Hi! I am starting a new- My old account will not be named.

:s probly wont post much cuz this place is crap infested with 10 year olds with a 5 year olds maturity.



EEEEEP THEY SAID A NO NO WORD (probly "darn" or "crap") -report-

Seriously. I dont wanna go through that. So if you add a stupid immature comment on my file because I gave my OPINION about your flipnote and HAPPENED TO NOT LIKE IT, something like "Omg ur soo mean im reported u commentsssss" Seriously- every comment I post is deleted for critiscism. Isn't that what comments are for, to critic the flipnote? It says I critiscised about it and my critiscim was racist or something. I never post any thing racist, I really dont see a difference either way. This will probably rot away as a useless account only used for watching flipnotes.

There are Japanese flipnotes with no nudity (not graphic, like sailor moon transformation nudity) or like legs with their panties slipping down and stuff, and those became big hits and never got reported.

Japan is so much better, their so much more mature..


The flipnote you stole may have gotten you some virtual stars, but how does that score in talent points? If you steal flipnotes, you never learn how to draw and animate, which was basically the potential of this website!

When some one says "13+" and your not 13 and not mature enough for 13 year old content (which are never that bad) dont read it. And if you still do, dont report, because they warned you, and therefore it is your fault for purposely watching the flipnote while willingly knowing you were not mature/old enough.

If your reporting for green stars, do it on actually bad flipnotes. No, report on ACTUALLY BAD FLIPNOTES. There was a flipnote with a completely graphic nude chick in it, and I reported it, and I was the first to report it. Then, there was this amazing flipnote, didn't even have a bad word in it, and it was reported like 1 gazillion times. Reporting out of jealousy just fills hatena with more and more crappy flipnotes. And by reporting, you are proving to your self you ARE JEALOUS.

Well, theres 3 kinds of people on hatena.. Okay, more then that:


"Hmmm.. Ohhh! This flipnote by OH-Gumdrop is so good! The drawings are awesome, shes gotten like 400,000 stars.. WAIT.. The most one of my flips has gotten is 10 stars! Eh heh heh, -report- now no one will know there are people better then me! BWA HA HA! And while im at it, ill STEAL the flipnote before its removed from hatena! BWA HA HA! I am so awesome. -Goes back to eating cheese puffs and sitting all fat reporting flips while watching tv and watching youtube and texting and watching pimples grow in their ugly face-

Seriously you guys are like jaba the hut. Well, that was the jaba the hut, and this is the "I AM perfect and any one who says im not is the worst person ever" people:

Ha ha, people in comments say its stolen. solve that!

The horrible series people:

Hmm.. I wanna make stars. -says little 5th grader who knows nothing about highschool- Oh! Ill make a series about highschool. Its all dramatic and sexy and all that good stuff, right? (which it isnt. Seriously - oh lets go skip school" "okay dur" and they never get in trouble? "hi cindy, I like ur new style. "Thx! I call it panties and bra." and she never gets introuble.) Okay. Lets find a poorly drawn edit me because im too lazy to draw the drawings my self, or, on the matter, find a good looking edit me that makes sense toward the characters. Perfect! it looks like a penguin giving birth while eating babies. HUMAN babies. Okay ill scribble some hair on - scribbles- and draw clothes BY ONLY DRAWING A COUPLE LITTLE LINES, AND ACCIDENTALLY FORGETTING TO PUT THE SHIRTS NECK LINE. Now ill simply make another character identical just they have a bracelet and a flower -doodle- and erase some of the hair to make a guy, and put a line on the skirt to make pants! -draw- okay la la la. Now ill rip off 90% of every high school series on hatena, and call it highschool drama and love and sexy stuff

WOW 4 BILLION STARS! :D brhdskjksk;la;a'kfs im such an amazing artist and story idear person.

And- my rant is partly over.