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I decided to finally change this XD

Well, most of you call me DinoChao or Dino for short, but some of my good friends call me by my real name or even Dashie, but usually that's only my friends from drama club XD

As you heard above, I'm in drama club. I don't think I'll be trying out for musicals anymore though considering that I can't sing. CREW HERE I COME!!!

Well I'm obsessed with a few things:

1) Gorillaz. 2DxNoodle forever. If you have a problem with the 12 year age difference, GTFO. :P

2) Adventure Time. FionnaxMarshall Lee FOREVER AND EVER!!! If you have a problem with the hundred+ age difference, GTFO AGAIN.

3) Warrior U. I don't really have a pairing for this obsession considering that it's for the most part new, even if i read all the pages to it. I JUST HATE WHEN PEOPLE MAKE FINN A GIRL WHEN THEY PAIR HIM UP WITH HARV. If you're going to write a fanfic, make sure people are the RIGHT gender.

4) MLP: FiM. I don't read fanfictions for this show, actually. I like a few pairing though: DashxSoarin, FlutterMac, and DerpyxDr. Whooves. Have a problem with anything, I respect your opinion. XD *nerd alert*

Things I hate:


2) Annoying girls.

3) Girls who are bipolar.

4) Backstabbing girls.

5) The way Hollister smells and as I walk by it, i cough and choke because I can't breathe.

6) Victoria's Secret/PINK. D:<

7) People that I barely know talking behind my back because I'm "weird".

If you don't know me, get to know me. If you don't like me, don't talk to me and pretend we're friends. Don't talk behind my back because I can make you life horrible. NOT to be rude.

Things I like:

1) Calm songs that are really nice and cute <3

2) Blink 182, Rise Against, The Offspring, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Sum 41, Bowling for Soup, Jimmy Eat World, other awesome rock bands from the 80s/90s/EARLY EARLY 2000s.

3) Unicorns *nerd alert*

4) All the things I'm obsessed with (see list above)

5) FANFICTIONS OMG!!!! :D *nerd alert*

6) Quoting people from shows/books/fanfictions/comics. *nerd alert*

7) Reading things about people with psycological/physical problems.

8) Writing things about people with psycological/physical problems.

9) HEVVIN!!!!!!!!!!! That crazy killer unicorn is always trying to kill Finnykinz. God thing Harv-Kun is always there to save him. X3 *Nerd Alert*

10) Other stuff XD IDK I'll update this soon.

Well, If you search up DinoChao on google, 95% of the stuff on the first page is me. XD It's my name for everything.

Well, I guess I have a lot of friends. I don't really get myself into close bonds where I hang out with people every *month* day. I like to spend my days alone in my room. I like the quietness and my music.

Sometimes I stay up till 1am on a school night because I wanna read fanfictions. XD *nerd alert*

My best friend, Renee, is EXTREAMLY funny. She's random and loud and... there's something wrong with her. XD Don't get her mad. She'll get ghetto on you.


And I end this message with an unnesissary smiley face. c: