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It has certainly been an eventful day.

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Great Yes-Man

It has certainly been an eventful day.

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This battle has been going on for many years now

I wish they'd just forgot it and let me stay at peace

I'm really the only one who still knows what the start of this was truly about anyway

Everyone else was just dragged in to be allies on either side

Not many believed what I said this battle was over

But many believed my enemy

Then again all of them had some relations with the cult this fighter led

I try to be neutral but I was forced into being a main cause

I'm supposed to keep the peace yet I'm put into a main position

So I take my weaponry and damaged body and go off into the battlefield

Clenching my scratched hand I await for what'll happen to me next

What this whole thing started over was stupid anyway

But they probably wouldn't believe me if I told them what this whole thing is about

Reluctantly I must face whatever happens

And I hope I am the one who comes out victorious...

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Waylon Smithers


Either 36 or 40

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Sycophantic German