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I'm a country girl who loves anything Yu Yu Hakusho. Or Bleach. Or Naruto, InuYasha, Fruits Basket, etc. But mostly YYH. Especially Hiei and Kurama Yaoi!

I can't get on as often anymore. T.T One dsi has parental controls and the other is at my aunt's house. I'll be introducing my new characters soon though.

Hitori the Ninja

Kichii the Fox

Tobi the Lynx/Huskey

Dirt the Rabbit

Eve the Cat

Plus some of Storm-Fur(on deviantART)'s OCs:

Amy the Darkangel

Sharde the Hedgehog

Tailas the Fox

Storm the Mutt

Shadow the Vampire Cat

Crisis the Fox

Neven the 9 Tailed Fox

I'll still be using Hiei and Kurama