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Hi there! dB It's me, Devin. Uh... Here's the stuff that peeps usually put here.

Name: Devin

Gender: Female

Nicknames: Wolf, Holly, Chive

Age: somewhere in the range of 12-15

Birthday: Mid-July

Dream: To become a better artist in general.

Likes: Animals, happiness, water, horses, bla bla bla.

Dislikes: Evil, violence, blood, bla bla bla.

Favorite animals: Cats, horses, dogs, wolves... Tons more. ^^

Pets: female Calico cat, female bearded dragon lizzard, one hermit crab. (RIP Toast, my other crab)

Sports: Swimming, horseback riding.

Dream job: Something where I can make the world a better place by helping animals and people. But not a doctor 'cuz blood is gross.

Major inspiration: My ceiling! I look at it and it gives my cr@p loads of inspiration! Also, there's my cat, family, bla bla bla. And, duh, IGGY!!!!

Favorite food: Mint fudge

Favorite drink: Root beer


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Okay I'm bored so that's it for now.