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Hi, I'm ELEMENT. I'm just wondering if you, yeah...you, fellow creator would like to be a part of the Hatena Creator Union, HCU for short. It already has 127 (and counting) members. C'mon, it was just created August 15th. The HCU is a club in Hatena; a club in a club! We are dedicated to working together to learn about each other and maintaining a safe and awesome experience at Hatena! And that means now... most people don't agree with the Hatena Clean-Up Crew, and so we have to help save Hatena in every possible way we can. So... Please consider joining us! I'll strive to make your experience an enjoyable one, and I'll do my best to do a HCUWeekly, to inform you on our latest members and info. If you want to become a member, post a [unmean] comment on my future HCU flips, and I'll endorse you on my weekly flip!

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