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Hello People of the world!

My name is HaloWolf!

I love wolves and pokemon!

My fave songs are:


Right In



Turn up the Music

Glad you came

Drive By


I deleted all of my flipnotes and decided to start all over again.

Even though i had a red star, 16 green, and over 60,000 stars (most of those from one flip) I just wanted to start over again :P

My fave pokemon are Snivy, Houndoom, Hydreigon, Serperior, treeko, luxray, sceptile, manectric, charizard, salamance, and scolipede.

I will be making flips with wolves and pokemon!

I made this account not to get popular but for people to enjoy my flips, and i hope that if you are reading this that you do enjoy my flips!!!!!!!!!