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Hay ppl, its Max!(A.K.A IM-NOT-EMO) Just decided to rite this description cuz i wuz bored!XD Check out my flips and favorite me if u wanna, but most important of all, plz add stars! Only ppl on my favorites seem to notice my flips, but over the next 4 or 5 days, i will be posting 4 or 5 new ones! So check them out!

I gess I'll just tell u a little bit about me! I am 13 and i live in Front Royal, Virginia(Redneck town XD) Im in 7th grade and i go 2 Warren County Middle School.XD

I want to thank my small amount of fans for helping me get more popular, and if u like chatrooms, favorite me and tell the ppl on there 2 go onto my profile and check out my flips! And plz, tell ppl to come to my chatroom, so we can talk! Thnx, ppl!XD

PS if u se any high ranked creators, such as BOSS or Fred, tell them 2 go 2 my chatroom! Thnx!XD