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Hello everyone! Its Wolife here >:DD But yeah.. Let me tell u all my o.cs ^^

Sonic o.cs

Ryan-Hedgehog-Male-18-Loves Delilah

Kirby's older brother

Kirby-Hedgehog-Female-17-Loves SugarSkye

Ryan's little sister

Spencer-Kitty cat-Male-17-Single-B!

Mia-Skunk-Female-18-Loves Blake

Mimi's big sister


Mia's little sister :P

Sonjay-Cat-Male-15-Loves Cami

Spencer's cousin


MLP ocs


Devin-Bronie-18-Loves Peacerain

Eli's older brother

Eli-Bronie-13-Single-Likes Starcatcher And Lollipop

Devin's little brother

GlitterHeart-Bronie-14-Single-Likes SilverFeather

Lauren-Pony-12-Single-Not looking

Pokemon ocs



Sweetie-Unknown pokemon-Girl-12-Likes Crimson


Now for interesting facts about my ocs :DD

Ryan= Was born with no chest fur but then grew it :DD

Kirby= Eyes are not connected; One eye is ruined

Spencer= Hates getting wet; Turns into a real cat at anytime

Mia= Constantly flirts with her Bf

Mimi= Has been single for over a year D,:

Sonjay= Loves his Gf Cami ewe

Jamie= Blind; Loves to sleep

Not going to anymore cuz im lazy like dat :P

Heres some of my best friends at the moment! (not in order) :DD

LyraTheFox, AmberWolf, Vapor, Jazmine, Bbfurry, DoodleCake, Blizzard, Liza, TigerLOL.. FunkMaster.. Well.. If ur not included tell me :DD

Fav song: Monster by Meg & Dia (remix)

Fav Commercial: Wow! That's a low price!

Hobby: Drawing, Eating bacon, Sleeping, Texting :P

Least fav song: Duck song -3-"

Least fav commercial: Car commercial

Least fav hobby: Doing dishes..

Well, i guess thats it :DD Hope u enjoyed reading all this junk...