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Im Ace and I like to make comedy flips.

Go check them out if you are interensted, but anyways I am also currently in the making of a music video of Where them girls at by David Guetta.

If (for whatever reason) you are checking my posted flips, PLEEEEASE dont go farther than a blue squirrel for the thumb nail, because those flips are embarrassing, lol

I dont have many friends, because they are either not on or we dont talk that much... but Im grate ful for my current friends and fans for their support.

Right now my motovation is about 50-50 beacause I spend days, maybe weeks on flips and get barely anything in return.... but I try to not let that get to me.

Well most of my goals have been reached, and I have gone farther than I could have asked for.


creator rank 500- reached

150 fans- reached

50000 views- almost there!!!

10 green stars- reached

1 red star- reached

50000 stars- reached

lol I have lots more goals but for now, thanks for the support, and I will see you guys later :)