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Hi it's me, Hollypetal, well, I love drawing manga and cats, i am kind of a nerd, i like pokemon, Warriors, Super Mario Bros., all that cool stuff. I'm obviously in to Warriors (this the only channel i post on!), I'm in our school library practically every day. I read lots of books, I LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas, my favorite animal is the AWESOME African elephant. I used to hate cats but my step bro. got me into Warriors, then I started to love cats. My fav bands are 1) Linkin Park 2) Owl City. I also read the Percy Jackson series(The Lightning Thief) I used to live in Japan but i was young, really young back then. I have 4 brothers:2 step bros 1 bro and 1 half bro. So to sum myself up: I am a kind-of-goth, tomboy, nerd, who loves manga anime, and is the oldest out of 4 bros. comment me if you have questions!(i only like the skulls and style of 'goth')