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I'm really not used to writing about myself, but my old profile is gone somehow, so I'll try again.I am a crazy teenaged boy from canada, I have ADD, OCD, and ADHD.I'm a loner and sometimes just despise myself.I'm VERY lazy and don't get out much.I get most of my news from hatena (sad huh?), and I'm generally just stupid or weird.I can be very serious, or very ...uh strange dspending on my mood.I liek potatoes, coke, mudkipz, games, red, starwars, and ...cheese?I'm a huge spiderman fan, since I was a kid.I recently became a pretty big deadpool fan as well.My hobbies include drawing, lolling, smashbros, flipnote hatena, firing mah lazar, eating, piano, sleeping, pwning noobs, being stupid, and being awesome.