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I'm your lifespan, addicting like crack & meth, but y'all love me anyways, peace! I'm a 17 year old girl, gonna be 18 in November, I refuse to drive.

I'm giving up,

My heart broke,

When you said that you loved me,

I didn't know if it were true,

I told you in different terms that we were through,

I felt myself d!e on the inside,

I stood tall & remained your girl,

even though you didn't know,

I still thought of you as being mine,

I wish you could be here with me,

Holding me tight & forcing me to promise that I wouldn't be that again & shatter our hearts as I'd done before.

I realize the pain I felt,

Wasn't because I was depressed & broken,

It was my heart breaking to bits.

If I knew you'd cheat,

I wouldn't have trusted you,

I should've realized that what I said last night,

Was actually right & I knew it all along.