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Greetings. You may know me from my witty comments and such, so if you're wondering how I have so many fans, it's because I'm smart, and straight-forward. I am an honors everything-enrolled student, and I have an I.Q. of 120.

My English may appear broken sometimes, but that's only because I was being taught Diné Bizaad (Navajo) at young age. But when I was five, my Father took me away from my Mother and we moved from Arizona to somewhere else.. Please refrain from calling me names if you feel the need to just insult me... I'm just asking for it, aren't I? Can't be too sure..

Well, nice to meet you.. With fire!

Green fire!

UPDATE: 11/16/11

I've basically lost all reason to even breathe again.. Apparently I'm just an ignored soul that has no purpose or meaning. Instead of my Native American name, "Ashkii", I should've been named, "Ruthless failure"...