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Herrow i am a HUGE Invader Zim fan and my Invader Zim O.C is named Lei. I have a group of friends and we have a group named invader 2.0 (just rl friends :B) and i do flips with our irkens in them basically, the plot is that one day the tallest are boared so they basically put a bunch of baby irkens in a trash can and blast it out of the ship, and only half of them survived and all but 1 of the survivers land on earth. There names are


Tess(spiritluvr on hatena)


Kat(not on hatena)

Dak(not on hatena)

Taz(not on hatena)


(p.s...only Tess and me are on hatena -.-)

and the one that didnt land on earth's name is Zoe, she lands on the moon o3o

I own only Lei and her home made sir unit Rir, all the others are owned by my friends, hope you enjoy mah flips! o3o

A Thing that get on my nerves:I hate when people complain about peoples irkens having the same name as theirs (or sir unit) >_> I mean there is people in rl life with the same name as you, are you going to demand them to change there name? That's what I thought. :P

BUCK TEETH, are awesome. :B

I found out what was wrong with my DSi :3