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Hey Hatena!It's Diz! mk, sooooooo.... I LOVE Invader Zim, the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, A Very Potter Musical and Sequel, Sanrio, Adventure Time, Adele, and Pokemon!

I now have an offical DeviantArt! my username is InvadaDiz. InvaderDiz was already taken... :T

Add me! <3

Here my friends on Hatena:

yeah, i don't have that much.

I have so many favorite songs that i can't name them all! >w<

i am currently 120 irk years (12 earth years) And my smeet-day (birthday) is December 7, 1999.

my favorite color is BLUE!

Invader Gar was my inspiration to join Hatena! (THANKS GAR!)

I am obsessed with books! :3

I get straight A's and I'm in honor roll.

i have dark brown hair and eyes. i wear dorky glasses, has hearing and back problems. but they are mild and i'm perfectly ok!

I have a few O.C.s for far:

Diz- me, i will use her in most of my flips. she has two distintive loops in the two corners of her head, curly antenne that hang behind her head, and orange eyes. (i can't do orange eyes on the DSi)she has a bounty on her head because she poisoned the red tallest's food. because she got mad when he called her drawing ugly. she was banned from the Massive and had to work in Foodcoutia. she met Zim there and they became friends. she fell in love with zim, even though he just thinks of her as a friend. (cuz he's too conceited!)she escaped with zim on the day of The Great Assigning, but lost Zim in all the chaos. she crash landed on earth and planned to invade it. she unexpectly met Zim in skool and is currently trying to contact him. she is too shy :/ but Riz found out that she's an irken and is constantly trying to catch her. (more to come)

Pepper- my SIR unit. he pretends to be a ninja, hence the red bandana around his head. Pepper is really smart but can malfuntion and act silly and lost sometimes. he was Zim's smeetday present to me when we worked together in Foodcoutia *shutter*

Riz- i made her one day when i was bored at skool. she is my earthen enemy. sorta like dib to zim. she wears a trench coat and a neuteral faced shirt. (basically the same clothes as Dib) she is part of the swollen eyeball. her codename is "agent shadow beast" idk why. ^w^

Rek- Rek is my seven year old brother's OC. Rek has the ying-yang symbol on his forehead. he is Diz's little brother. when Diz left for Foodcourtia, he secretly followed her. He found her on Earth and is currently living with her. he gave Diz the idea of how to destroy earth... replace all humans' hearts and replace them with pie!

Chocolate Thunda- he is a result of giving a pikachu chocolate before leaving it at the Daycare. as you can guess, he is a pikachu. he has a black tunderbolt on the left side of his head. his tail has a very differnt shape and pattern than all other pikachu's. i named him after a cat in the hat reference.

Ervin- ervin is a minor OC that pops up here and there. i cant really color him on the DSi, so he'll be colored pretty weirdly. he is missing his right eye, has wings, furry boots, two horns, and an "X" on his shirt.

Marz- Marz is another irken of mine. he is obsessed with Diz. he wants her to love him, although she loves Zim. but zim is too conceited to love her. he has a red arrow wrapping around his head, and really cool looking antenna.

i have a bit of OCD. i h@te it. like, hail. i have this voice in my head, telling me that im useless and untalented. it also tells me mean thoughts about other people. it drives me nuts! so, i have decided to create, Anti-Diz. (no, im not copying Gar) so, whenever im having one of my fits, i yell, "Shuddup, Anti-Diz!" people think im crazy, but what can i say... i am. :P

i will try to post my best work and join chats often! see ya around!

How could i have missed that? me?! the obssesive, compulsive, Dib? :3

~Diz <3