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Hi!!! :D My name is Minirose40, I am 12 years old! :) Im a big fan of anime. Oh yeah my birthday is on June 21. :P I love school because I have the greatest friends ever.. I have this huge crush ob my best friend vincent and now he knows... Aaaah!! Haha. All of my friends are somewhat ghetto... Ahaha. DGK FOR LIFE. XDD DGK MEANS DIRTY GHETTO KIDS. I plan to get married and have kids. Not yet rhough. Haha like in 10-15 years.. Lol I am very supersticious so if I ever get those chain messages saying youll get killed, I send them. Ahaha. X3 I am very outgoing and I always keep secrets that people tell me. I am smart but I still have my stupid moments. Lol. Ummm... I love looking up random videos and stuff on youtube. Ha ha. Ummm, I love to read. I thibk im done... Haha