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My name is Shock, Shocky, ShockyCakes, ShockyBoo, or Haley your pick (:

Um I've been on Hatena for like

3 years now, yeah I'm old...

Well lemme tell you about me ~

I LOVE TO DRAW obvious one, im mellow, hyper, sarcastic, perverted (sometimes), fun, adventurous, and outgoing :DD

Dislikes ; Un-talk-a-tive- people, goats, annoying people, beggars, copiers, mean people, and "hipsters"

Like ; CAKE <3 , anything sweet, people, you, my friends, foxes, skunks, being crazy, running, jumping, hiding, and loving

Best friends ;

~ Lar ~ iZy ~ Strike

~ Aly ~ Zod ~ Kam

~ Nex ~ Ali ~ Ad

~ Danii ~ Kye ~ Zir

~ L0L ~ Rae ~ Kyl

~ Kimi ~ BLU ~ KUR

~ Niko ~ Dead Heart ~ Tek

~ Dex ~ Jade ~ Tik

~ Rai ~ Lace ~ Bobo

~ 0ko ~ Sarathine ~ Tak

~ Kyo ~ Cho ~ Kay

~ Nat ~ R@chel ~ Chauy

~ ScribbleFox ~ Nibs ~ Miku

~ Pink ~ x-Mark ~ PikaPuff

~ Lea ~ Aze ~ Red ~

~ SLI ~ Bridie ~ Dezzy

~ Hai ~ PZ ~ Amnesia

I LUB CHU GUYZ <3 ( dont be offended if i forgot you )

My favorite Bands

( probably forgot some ... )

Umm if you have a deviantart watch me my name is InvaderSHOCK

I also have a tumblr that i never go on xD but here it is anyway 8unny-Cak3 (:

Random quotes i made up cause i was bored but they're my favorite.. dont judge D:

"We were just two puzzle pieces that did not fit together."

"I was foolish to think i could have you all to myself ...."

"You say a lot of things you dont like in people, but you act like them all."

"What happen to the lady like ladies? now its just ho3s in clothes.."

"I've made a lot of mistakes. I've accidentally done a lot of things, but I never accidentally told someone I loved them when I didn't."