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Hi! I'm ZUR, and I LOVE Invader ZIM! I also like Vocaloids, Japan, the Professor Layton series, sushi, scary movies, Skrillex, gummy bear's, chocolate...well all kind's of candy really, Bruno Mars, Your Favorite Martain, dubstep, ect. 私も日本語を話すことができます

My top 5 favorite Invader ZIM character's:

1. ZIM

2. G.I.R

3. Gaz

4. Dib

5. Professor Membrane

My top 5 Vocaloid's:

1. Kagamine Len

2. Hatsune Miku

3. Kagamine Rin

4. Megpoid Gumi

5. Kasane Teto

ZUR's personality is kind, caring, and a bit insane. She doesn't like destroying, and the Tallest didn't like that, so she ran away from Irk, with her S.I.R, V.I.X, and found Earth, not knowing ZIM was already on it first. She's friend's with Invader RIX, who also has a Hatena account too, you should go check out his flipnotes. DO IT! DO IT NOW, OR I'LL... Sorry about that, you just witnessed my insane side there. I have what you human's call, bipolar disorder, it's where you have i guess mood swing's all the time, there not bad mood swing's. I get depressed a lot, but most of the time I'm happy for no reason. I don't know.


I also LOVE wafflez!

Oh and yes, I'm a girl, and I'm 12 year's old. ^.^

~Invader ZUR

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Invader Zim, Vocaloids, Professor Layton, and anime!

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English, Japanese, Irken