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Hello, I'm a young artist that lives in California. I've been mostly practicing Manga lately. I love the Fullmetal Alchemist series. I like to play video games, and I have a Nintendo DSi. If anyone here's got the Flipnote Studio app for the DSi I've got a Flipnote Hatena account. My command code for it is: Right, B, Right, Up, Up, L, Y, Left.

Magic The Gathering is epic. I'm not common to attend MTG tournaments or events though. I mostly just play with friends.

I was born in Paraíso, Guanacaste, Costa Rica... That makes me a dual citizen. I can get my family legal property in Costa Rica. I love warm summer days and going to the beach. Other than that, I like to go rock climbing at the climbing gym. I'm not planning on ever climbing on real rocks though.

I'm not much of a loud person, I tend to blend in and no one knows I'm there. My plans in my future is to become an animator for PIXAR or other animation for movies, or a professional artist, maybe a comic illustrator.

Well, I told you a little about myself, so that will be five dollars please.

This may be updated later, cya.


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Zaynrico Ever Roberto






March 24, 1999


Ocean Grove Charter School

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Paraíso, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Video Games, Art, Manga, Rock Climbing, Movies,
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English, and Pig Latin