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I like drawing and thinking and dreaming.

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I like drawing and thinking and dreaming.

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Why hello, there.

I love drawing and animating, so feel free to ask me about stuff. Pleased to meet you, Hatena! I hope we can get along great.

If you MUST know about me I am a very complex individual. I may try to come off as mean in order to shake people off, but honestly I'm a nice person at heart. I am unable to hold grudges - well, except for ONE MAN.

In fact, one of the things I like doing most is listening and helping people out with their problems, if I can.

I'll be your friend if you need one. :>

Things I love: drawing, animating, music, friends, good animation, a good cry, psychological mind play, the human mind, things you shouldn't know about, roleplaying, video games, Parkour, drills, ice cream, cute things (there are exceptions), philosophy, humor, science, learning...

I can sing too but I don't do it often..

Things I hate: snobbish people, big egos, pretenders, wannabes, stalkers, cheaters (unless it was really clever), stepping on legos with your bare feet, these emoticons: eFTe e3e eFT0 0FTo, chatting on Hatena with more than 4 people, precocious kids who can't handle their hormones and try to use Hatena as a means to pick up other precocious kids who can't handle their hormones, star beggars, flip stealing, procrastinating, pressure, drugs, when someone is just.... trying to hard (lol), being/feeling left out, too much drama...

I can go on but I'm introducing myself, not listing all my grievances.

So yeah I guess I'm kinda interesting. Nice to meet you!




January 18, 1995

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Drawing, Animating




Animation liked GAINAX / Studio Ghibli