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I'm Neo! I live in Okinawa Japan..... Any ways, I'm a BIG fan of Sgt. Frog, Angery Beavers, Roko's Modern Life, and Pokemon. I wish to, one day, be in the top 10. I'm still sharping my skills, and learning more of the cool, and diffrent things I can do on Hatena. So, for now, enjoy what I've got.

Oh my goodness! I love you guys!(my fans friends, ect.)

I am surprized that I have like... almost 100 fans. that really means alot to me!

I'm NOW on deviantART!!!!!

My name is lunar-neo

So if you like my flips, be sure to check out my art!!

But, there is a problem with me and deviantART. I can't post anything good because I don't have sai program on this computer, so I'm using a really stupid website to do my drawings. And they suck. So, yeah.... Bai