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Hey! Lets start off right. My name is ToXin and i'm a hardcore Vocaloid fan, I beilive in ghosts, and I hate false reporters; dont we all? . Also, I'm a huge Sonic, Pokemon, and Mario lover. I play those games alot. X) I have two species called "Sacrewolves" and one called "Maskerades." Please add me, because when i get 50 fans im making an AMV with you guys. :)

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I don't friggin know

I'm very bored at the moment, so please give me stuff to do but not big stuff. My AMV limit is 350 pages. Don't get angry if it's short. I will NOT fill up every page. And not ALL of the AMV will be animated. Icons=ok. But the backgrounds will not be amazing.


AMVS- 1 green star or a picture

Icon- 100 stars(yellow)or an Art-trade

I'm also working on a joint series with Asylum, called "R yoU iN?", and we're pretty excited by it. To give some brief info about it....A group of teenagers in a pack Aniwolves (Anne-Iy-Wulves) disguised in their human form to live in the society to escape the poachers that threaten to hunt their species down. Little that they know, the poachers are after something else then killing off they're spiecies...they're aiming for the destruction of the world...

X) Sound cool? We can't wait for it to take off~

Well, that's just about it! Please make sure to watch my flips, and Happy posting!

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