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My name is actually *CENSORED*, and I'm a *CENSORED* year-old boy who lives in *CENSORED*. Oh, and I don't like releasing any personal info about me to Hatenians.

I've been drawing for like seven years which is why the pics in my flipnotes look okay, but I wish I was better at animating. I guess I'm alright. Gizmo and BOSS are my inspirations and I add tons of stars to them, hoping they'll notice me. And I'm also trying to not do any scams like them (I asked for zero stars on my DSI Glitch).

When I first got an account I realized how hard it is to make a popular flipnote, so I was just a nobody in the world of Hatena. The Dr. Octagonapus Show was my big break; I never thought that one of my flipnotes would get over one hundred thousand stars! I wonder if I'll ever get as big as Gaige or DarkRose40 sometime...

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Racist Coffee MV

P.S. Check out some of the t-shirts I've created!