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Hey guys its Aaron, I wanted to let you guys know that i will shortly be continuing making flipnotes.

But sadly somebody reported me for something i didn't do *sniff* So now i'm banned from hatena for a mounth *tears* So thank you to all the haters for making this possible.

I am really torn you guys, what have i ever done to you, you guys keep leaving comments saying: Stop copying gizmo. Everyone, that maybe true, but if you watched his recent flips hey discussed in his update: I give people permission to use my stlye, so why do you do this?

Anyways, once i get back on hatena i will be extremly happy! However if you guys desperatly want to report me for no reason, than so be it. Just remember, reporting someone for things that are okay in the guidelines is just a huge waste of time, and it won't get you any farther in life.

Once my hatena account returns here is a list of my soon to become upcoming flipnotes and descriptions:

Toast Wars 1 S.2 - The toast wars serise returns with new charcters, better drawing skills, and well balanced ideas.

Toast Wars 2 S.2 - Why is it so hard to find good help these days :D

Toast Wars 3 S.2 - Is it even a logical possibliy that fish are able to walk XD

Music Video 1 - This is basicly my first posted music flip, basicly its a spin-off of gizmo's boo music video 3 but not an entry.

Pablo Contest - This is a well designed contest to see how well people can draw my character, and who knows? maybe ill even take your picture and use it as mine. Basicly you need to draw my charcter in a well designed background (optional) and fit that picture inside the rectangular box shown in the flipnote. Rewards:

1st - 50,000 y 50 g

2nd - 25,000 y 40 g

3rd - 10,000 y 30 g

4th - 5,000 y 20 g

5th - 1,000 y 10 g

y = yellow g = green just to let you know.

Thats all my upcoming flips for now, Thanks! ~ pablo