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The other description was I'm gonna change it (yes I was very stupid back then).. Well, my name is Jade. I'm mostly on flipnote hatena so check out my stuff over there...I wish I could tell you absolutely everything about my life, but then it would just be a waste of time since you are just some random person reading this, and you wouldn't care at all because you have no idea if I'm even real or not. WHoKNowS i COuld Be aROBOT...Unfortunately some of our own species have twisted minds and I'm told that I shouldn't share personal information because of that particular group of weirdos...But maybe they aren't weird..whatever...Well I'll guess I'll just say that even though I am only 12 years old, I feel like I've experienced quite a lot in the past years...I used to have social anxiety a while back, but it was just a phase...I wouldn't say I'm depressed either, I'm just somewhat quiet, when I want to be anyways, around my family I feel like I'm on a sugar rush though I act normally. But when it's with others I don't really bother because my real life friends are somewhat annoying. In fact my whole neighborhood is just plain annoying, which is why I hide away to my computer and the internet, where I can communicate with some sane people...mostly..Anyways yes I animate and draw and I hope I'll get to share my ideas with others. Also, I'm waiting to get my tablet so I can animate with flash or something, whatever is appropriate.

I like music, it's what inspires me mostly. I like my mind, it's one of my biggest inspirations and I'm one of it's biggest fans. Although sometimes my mind can be stupid and mess up, so my apologies over that, you have no idea how much I obsess over it...I like sharing ideas, I like everyone because we are all the same species, you don't see too many other animals that hate their own kind, so I don't think we should hate each other either. And I hope one day we'll all realize that we are not here for a purpose, we are here to have fun! People take life and death too seriously and it eventually eats them up until they finally realize that they wasted their whole life trying to find an answer when they could've been having way too much fun. Yep, that's how I see it, I like critical thinking but I also want to have fun, so please don't ruin that for me. Enjoy my flipnotes on FH if you'd like (they're mostly music videos :P) and don't be shy to give meh some feedback :D. Welp that's it!


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Hehe, don't know if i should really put that on here...




currently 12



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weird, I actually don't know...


not yet..


Yeah, I'm totally just gonna give you the school that I go to. Hey, maybe you could visit me! :P

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Once again, no

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Art, drawing, animation, thinking, wasting time, music, reading, playing games (bioshock and portal 2 are my favs)....That's pretty much it.

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I don't think I even have any skills...oh well...


English and some Spanish :P