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I'm working on a zombieland flipnote with Me, Carla, Elimy and Lenox!

I can animate very well, but my DSi screen is terrible and that results in my drawings looking VERY bad. So... Yush, Imma just make flipnotes for fun, I don't care about the stars...

Start a rumor about me, I give ya Sidas! ?: xD LOLOL JOKE!

Anyway, here's some people you should watch!

Three D: Great animator, great artist, great non-human bieng.

Elimy: You need to be crazy to like her, and you'll need a 0.1% humor static to love her flips!

Lenox: Wait! Remind me why? Ohh, yes he's a great comicy type person, I think.


Carla: Great art. Keep it up!

George: Aaaarrrggghhh! I wanna be a PIRRAATTTEEE! xD

Still, great, amazing flips!

Raving Boy: There are many copies, but Raving Boy makes the best origanal flips.

Layton: Sprites! Anime! Who cares?! He's great at both.

Ali & Anna: Both cool, great and epic! Like drawings and collabs?

Kobra Kid: Aww cute!

Aaron: I know him in real life!

You: You have great potential, work hard, and I might put you up here! ;)

I do more later! ;)