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Aspiring artist, musician, random kid and PROUD Jesus freak!

i am 14, i'm a Freshman (w00t!) i luv random stuffs, mainly cows, spoons, colorful socks and anime! my most favoritest anime in the whole world is full metal alchemist!!! it's da bomb!!!! i may not be the best artist but hey, i try, and all i wanna do is make ppl smile! :D r u smilin? u should be.... SMILE!!!!! D:< lol, jk<3 anywhoosits i use funny words sometimes hahaha..ha.........o3o.....ha.... oh yeah! um, i luv to have alot of friends, so if u want to be my friend that's just bomb!!!! :D i rant sometimes too... like yeah.... lol ok, ok, i'll stop talking nao :3