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The name's Jax and Im just a dude with unwarranted self importance, nuff said.

Here's something you should know about me:

1. I don't give a rats about your pointless irrelevant complaints

2. All of you guys are newf@gs (Deal with it)

3. Quit adding me if you're not going to check out my flipnotes (Especially emos)

4. Keep your furry fetish away from me at all time

5. Quit acting Japanese, especially adding one Japanese word in your sentence. (You know the drill)

6. Home stuck sucks, period.

7. Invader Zim is for mentally challenge f@gs (YOU)

8. Emos=Cancer

9. Attention whore=Cancer

10. This site=Cancer

That's about it.

Have the chance to swing by and check out my arts.



Manga Bullet: Uguu-chan

Deviantart: JaxASDF

Steam ID:Uguuchan


Xbox:DoomtR00per53 (ugh.. wait mine's broken. lol)