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BAGELS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

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BAGELS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

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Acheivements trying to unlock:

30 posting days-YESH!!!!!!!!!!

Get 15 fans-YESH

Get 30 fans-YESH

Get 10,000 stars-YESH

Post 50 flipnotes-YEAH!!!

Make a MV-NO

Make a MV Collab-NO

Get 100 fans-NO

Post 100 flips-BOOM CHAKALACKA

Get 20,000 stars-YES!!!

Get 50,000 stars-NO

Get 1,000,000 stars-NO

Get 200 fans-NO

Get 500 fans-NO

Get 1,000 fans-NO

Get 5,000 fans-NO

GET OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fans-lol and NO.

So yeah thats all me acheivements and heres something about me,

I have a deviantART-JaysInc-

a youtube account-JaysIncization

and I like to draw(not on hatena just sometimes in life)

im a good spriter

and...thats it.