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HI!!!!!! Add me on Facebook if you guys have an Account!!! ^_^ hahaha i mean only if you guys want to.

Name: Abby-Mae Max

Basically, my name is actually the only name there *lol* anyways i'm so happy i'm here @ Hatena. =D Well, bye!!

P.S.: my username JB2ndfan the JB stands for Justin Bieber just to let you guys know and i'm his #2 fan!!! reason: his MOM is his #1 fan.

P.S.S.: Don't steal my username!!! Sometimes it would be JB2ndfan26.

Soo thx for looking me up on Hatena!!! HAHAHA ^_^ BYE! and i hope u guys (and girls) + me on FB!!

BTW if you want to know more about me... look me up on FB!!! lol (^-^)