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Hello my name is ®u$ti¢L@dy, well thats not my real name, cause that would be weird, but its my name on hatena. I am kind of a freak, like really weird! And GloriaDL is my sister! I made some of the flipnotes on her account! anyways, I am 15 years old. I live in California and thats all the imforation I am giving to you right now. So hi!

I love to draw and doodle and anime N stuff(I never said I'm good), I love Jesus! I am a Christian, and yeah... So yeah!

Btw my favorite creators, like the ones I want to be like are: Z_Forever, $harktr0n, Nicholas, Gods*wolf, GOD'Servant, Godschild♪, Mu$icBsS...ETC. And if any of you are reading this, YOUR AWESOME!