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Age: Fifteen

City: New York

State: New York

I love writing poems, my mom thinks I'm "artistic" with them! :)

I would like to share 15 poems that I have written:

1: I wrote this near Halloween!

Jacker lantern

It has light,

for a magical sprite,

it's body should be food,

for the good.

It scares some,

but sometimes none,

for my life of sages,

but it can't be wages!

Ages I've been carving,

this one pumpkin named parving,

It gets on my nerves,

considering the urge!

But I will put it on Halloween night,

to hopefully scare the bright,

and it will stay dark,

for the park!

So I should be going now,

trick or treating for the cow,

hoping that my jacker lantern is a success,

for the posses!

Gender: Girl

Girl friend: Bluepanda

Hobby: Making flipnotes

First name: Jimmy

Grade: 9

Birthday: December 15

2: I wrote this on my birthday!

My Golden Birthday

I turn 15 on the 15th,

the third,

golden birthday,

for it to be a good day!

I am the gold queen,

as my brother can't sing,

and I will be crowned,

but my little brother complains to be uncrowned!

I like the vanilla cake,

as it was a bake,

at the delicious place,

or the patricious dace!

So I should open my presents,

to become peasants,

and I am happy,

to get so gappy!

I should go now,

for the cow,

because it's my birthday,

yes, a golden special day!


I ate Tracy,

for her Gracie,

and he lacy,

of per pacy.

Nothing but Macy,

Or quacy,

for licy,

for gicy!

Now it is ball,

for the call!



I ate the chocolate,

for not neatun,

for my come,

to be done,

for my one,

for the cone,

never come back,

for the arcade,

of histery proxed!