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Well hello friends, fans, and most importantly my siblings! I am NoseBleed! The creator that will rarely post a flipnote unless it be a random icon or a silleh roleplay! =-=' Fudge. Anyways Thank you all SOOOO much friends and siblings for, yknow actully BEING a friend. I know I have a short fuse once and awile and im sorta of a troll, but thats just me. I'm just so happy you can see past those qualities and look at my real self! Thank you!

BeatNinja (bro): are those your test.icles or just 2 choclate chips....?

Zero76 (sis): SIS -glomps, breaking your back-

Kb (cuz): Duuuuude you should go to Zeros more often

DeathChibi: Y U NO COME ON.


Jemma: -burns teddy- IT LOOKED AT ME WRONG

Luclin: ewe I love your style man. Keep it up

Everyone else who are just awesome as everyone else: Im SO sorry that I diddnt put you in, this are just some of the people I used to chat with QUITE often, or those who im still talking with today.

Well moving on as you know, I rarely post a flipnote. BUT good news children! Im planning to up it up with roleplays with my brother (BeatNinja) when we get the chance and both of usstop being such lazy creators.