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Yo whats up hatenians its yo boy MuZZaFuZZa and if your reading this right now i will send you a free Unicorn!!! <(o.o)>

okay so anyway welcome to my channel im new to hatena and i have gotten so much support from my fans and i really want to know how i can give back to you guys. I LOVE YOU. heres some info about me :)

Name- Matthew

Age- 13

Grade- 8th

Interests- Basketball,Wii,Pokemon Black, and of course hanging out with friends

If you have any tips and or tricks for me i would really appreciate the help. Have a good day everyone BYE!!!


Yo whats up everyone my pokemon name is MuZZaFuZZa and i was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me any of these pokemon. and if you have Action Replay can you make them Shiny.Oh and please have then level 10 or under. here are the pokemon Chimchar Cindaquil or Torchick. Then Treeko or Turtwig. i would really appreciate it. please P.M me your friend code. oh and heres mine. MuZZa-1893-1896-2693