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Hello! My name is K0r0basne and I like toast with jam! I am in 7th grade in middle school, and I spend my free time on Flipnote Hatena. (Which is probably a lot ;-; FOREVER ALONE)

I make video game flips, but it's mostly sprites. And Pokemon. BECAUSE I LOVE POKEMON!!! I also like Portal, Minecraft, Fable, Super Mario, and the Legend of Zelda.

I like making and using sprites because it seems much easier and cooler than drawing, plus I have ugly handwriting. -3- I love playing tennis and soccer, especially tennis because I don't move around that much. ^-^

Shout-outs to...

SupaChepic -For being an awesome friend.

AeroBlast -For helping me out with my friends and offering me a friendship burrito.

Lokitaah - For being an amazingly cool sister, and for helping me out.

Stylikson - For being a pretty awesome cousin.

And YOU - For taking the time to read this profile!

You deserve a cookie! Bye, -K0r0basne


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