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Hi! my name is Vanessa! here is some info about meeeeee!!:D ok my favorite band/singer:One Direction,Vocaloid,Britney Spears!:D

favorite color:any pink!:D

umm i love hello kitty and Barbie!!:D woot woot! yes im girly but i do have that tom boy side sometimes:) i really love anime!:D

and my hobbies are: making filpnotes,talking(lolzzz!!:D),listening to music,shopping,using the internet,reading,hangin' out with cool peeps! im a really friendly person that tries to be friends with everyone but that impossible but whateves im usually really nice unless you get me to the point where i just wanna throw you off a 8579474486465875635739 foot high cliff wich is really rare. i like to talk to people so i like to reply to comments people send so come say hi i'd love to reply and have a conversation with you!:) sometimes im late because i get to lazy but yeah i will eventually reply right? ok i feel like noone cares 'bout me right now so byeeeeee:D