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Loves Dogs,Sonic Charecters and Draco Malfoy!!!!

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Loves Dogs,Sonic Charecters and Draco Malfoy!!!!

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As you might already know, I am Shayde.

I am not a very good drawer but i am not leaving Hatena unless my DSi breaks.I am also on Deviantart I am MissShayde.

About My 1st Character:








History:Shayde is a princess but was taken by baddies and taught thier ways for 14 years,but

then Silver came and saved her but she meet Dark and was his girlfriend until she saw and fell in love with Silver but broke up with him because she saw that Sugar loved Silver more

than her so she became girlfriend to Draco.She then went on holiday and came back withher old boyfriend called Dash,who just looked different and broke up with Draco but he wants

Shayde back.Draco then got over it and Dash and Shayde got married.

About My Other Character:




Speices: Vampire Lion


Boyfriend:I thinkit's Okagundu


Personality:Kind and Sweet


Is Shayde's and Dash's daughter.Her Best Friend is Freddie and he loves Caitlin and Freddie's arch rival is Static.She is also a Vampire and her brothers and 1 sister, Shing,Ci(Boy) and Ci(Girl) are ones too.Her sister Melody is not a vampire which is wierd.She is very good friend and many people like her.She has dated 3 people:Static,Clawd and Draco.Shayde just found she is now Queen of Hispanola,so Caitlin is now a princess.

About Mist:

Mist is a 16 year old hedgebat and when she was young was teased about being a bat/Hedgehog.She coped with it fine until oneday when she was 7,a boy came and punched her.She called him a coward,started to cry and wanted to run away to her brother Draco,but couldn't because of the boys.She then slapped the one holding her and then,the boys saw this

as an attack and started to fight.She suprised every one including hersel;f when she knocked all 4 boys down.

When she got home,she started to train herself to fight until she was 10.Then she entered in a compotion and all the people laughed at her because she is a girl.Then when she got into the finals against the boy who punched her.She got scarred on the eye that day but nothing else.

She has kept doing this and always thought she was a loner until Chris came and told her she was cute.She thanked him and kissed him,much to his suprise.They became BF and GF.

About Split:

Unknown in most topics,Split is of an unknown breed.Here are the only things that are known about her:

She was once two people,and they were twins until thier Dad did an experiment on an apple,but they got in the way and the twins became Split.The black side is evil and the

red side is good.

About Me:


Flipnote Name:Shayde

Flipnote ID:kkrox

I am Australian,speak English(duh) and I am learning some Spanish because I am stayi ng in Dominican Republic for 2 years.Last year I got a dog called Milly but had to leave her:(. BFF's:Charrlotte,Georgia,Ava,Alice,Porsha,Esther,Carolina,Monica,


Jade's pregnancy guide:

(credit to MFG)

If she is angry,get her Coke.

If she is tired,DON'T get her Coke even if she begs and begs.

If she won't go to sleep,get Josh.

Coke solves about everything.

Caitlin's,Ci's,Melody's,Ci's and Shing's babysitting guide.

(credit to MFG)

They love Coke.

Let Melody turn her music up loud.

Bedtime is at 10:00 for the twins and 11:00 for Shing.

They have to be back at the house by 9:00 unless they are at a party.

If it is a full moon,let all of them out except Melody because they are vampires.

My Sonic Characters:

Caitlin the Vampire Lion(Main Character)

Ci the Vampire Hedgehog(Boy)

Ci the Vampire Cat(Girl)

Shing the Vampire Hedgehog.

Shayde the Cat

Dash the Hedghog

Draco the Hedghog

Draco the Hedgehog Jr

Midnight the Hedghog

Jade the Lion

Freddie the Hedghog

Static the Echidna

Champ the Hedgehog

Spark the Bat

Mist the Bathog

Genowava the Falcon

Skipper the Penguin

Private the Penguin

Marline the Otter

Split the Unknown

Mini the Wolf

Sginx the Echidna

My Chibi charas:










2 more I forgot....

My Couples:

Draco and Caitlin

Static and Usagi

Chris and Mist

Ci and Olivia

Kyle and Ci

Shayde and Dash

Jade and Josh

Dark and MariaFAKE FRIENDS: Never ask for food

REAL FRIENDS: Is the reason you have no food.

FAKE FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr / Mrs

REAL FRIENDS: Call your parents Uncle / Aunt.

FAKE FRIENDS: Never saw you mourn.

REAL FRIENDS: Cry with you.

FAKE FRIENDS: You borrow something and give it back days later.

REAL FRIENDS: stick with your stuff, always forget it's yours.

FAKE FRIENDS: Know a few things about you.

REAL FRIENDS: Could escibar a book about your life with direct quotes from you.

FAKE FRIENDS: will leave you behind if that is what people are doing.

REAL FRIENDS: Face to be left behind with you.

FAKE FRIEND: will go and knock on the door of your house.

REAL FRIENDS: Walk right and say "I'm home. "

FAKE FRIENDS: For awhile.


FAKE FRIENDS: speak ill of the person who spoke ill of you.

REAL FRIENDS: Beating up the person who spoke ill of you.

FAKE FRIENDS: Ignore this message.

REAL FRIENDS: Forward this to all your true friends in the hope of





















































Blood type

Dont know


Computer,DSi,reading,my dog Milly

Special skills

Defenitly English!!


English,Spanish,Mandarin,French( the last three i speak a little.)

MSN Messenger KK Trout


Web services liked Hatena / Superpoke Pets / Hatena / Superpoke Pets
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