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Name: Isela (Werid huh?)



Has been on hatena for: A year or so.

Enjoys:art,music, and etc.

People who Inspired me:Thom Yorke,Florence Welch,Adam Gontier,tim burton,and jhonen vasquez

Type of art I do: My own therapy

Interests: many, many

About my art: My art is different from what I think. Really dark and creepy.

But it can be cute at times i guess. whatever...


( . .)


Hello I am Miss Abstract and I love to draw.(lol yeah basically :/) . I started drawing at a young age and it has always been a passion for me growing up. I first started drawing wolves (as some of you may know) then I moved on to drawing different things such a humans, monsters, etc.~ Let me tell you about your dear friend Miss Abstract here...I am a really odd person. :> I am the kind of person who tries to avoid people. not because I hate people. (that would be silly) but because I have social problems. Yes, i have a very hard time keeping up friendships and conversations, So sorry if I don't talk to you all for long if we happen to talk.

My characters: Each and every character (or OC) of mine is a part of my soul(sounds silly huh?). Why? and how? Well...Each and every one of the silly b.astards have a strong noticed emotion that they always show. such as Jumpy, friendly, angry, mysterious, etc. For me, creating a character of my own helps me balance my emotions. By doing this I have the ability of ridding a unwanted flaw or keeping a strong part of me...It's very complex, i can't really explain much. :/ in other words..just don't be surprised when I stop drawing a OC.

more information later..

UPDATES:::: I would be surprised if anyone ever looks at this.

THiS IS HE: it's being perfected.

EXCELLENT NEWS!: My dsi is now working very well. I will be creating loads of surprisingly entertaining s.hit! hope you enjoy my twisted silly art! :>























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