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Heeey :) :p My name is Rosie I live in england im 15 :D I love LoVe LOVE making animations and anime and if you like my anime plzplz pleeeease add a star and I will make sure that I rate yours too !! I love going out with my mates and I love having a gooood tiiime ;) MY NEWEST ANIMATION IS ITCHIGO'S TRANSFORMATION PLEASE ADD A STAR IF YOU LIKE IT ! :) IT TOOK ME AGES TO MAKE IT! haha :D thankyou im on the sites friendcodes and facebook my friendcodes name is KRSsS and my facebook is Rosie Summers add me if u want too:) Iv been drawing for ages and I just love to do it in my free time I make alot of animations too, I used to draw in my sketch pad but my DSI has changed that haha ♥♥





楽しい時間を過ごす;)私の最新の動画ミュウツー人生追加してくださいSTARをあなたがそれを気に入ったなら! ITはそれを作る私の年齢を取った!ハハはあなた感謝