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Well, I asked for motivaion, and I got it! Ghirahim is soooo freaking awesome! I was creeped out at first, then scared, then his biggest fan eva!!!! *Spazzes out and dies from over exposure to pure awesomeness*

LOL, sorry... anyway, my L button is being stupid, so no animated or well shaded pictures in the near future, sorry.... it sucks because I am actually motivated... for once... lol.... Ghirahim, oh my Ghirahim, I love you so.... <^w^>


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~Ghirahim was here~

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~Vaati was here~

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~Vaati & Ghirahim were here~

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I <3 <3 < Zelda


゙(゚、 。 7...meow.

 l、゙ ~ヽ

 じしf_, )ノ SCREW YOU ALL, I'M A CAT.

"So I promise upfront not to kill you...... I'll just beat you within an inch of your life!" ~Ghirahim

"Yes, I've pretty much got it all, don't I? However, there is one tiny thing that I lack... Namely mercy." ~Ghirahim

Other Awesome Quotes:

"I'll be back..." ~The Terminator Model 101

"...my heart was just filled with rainbows!" ~Ghirahim

"A place like this deserves a name that reflects its majesty.... I'll call it..... Grooseland!" ~Groose

"Look the moon, the moon, the moon came out!.... Sorry, ma cherie, that wasn't very good, was it?" ~Waka

"...An event that happens once in a blue moon... or in this case, once in a red-eyed scary moon!" ~The Juggling Twins (LoZ:Majora's Mask)

"If your gonna fall, then just fall already!" ~The Carpenter Boss

"Well if it isn't the brave knight who slayed the chandelier!" ~Kina

"Hey! I'm not your personal toy that you can just toss around whenever ya feel like it!" ~Issun

"Oh, it's time for tea." ~Rin(After killing a lot of people) Len(Right before dying)

"Susano, the greatest worrier ever." ~Sign in front of Susano's house.

"Oh, no... I'm a meowsy dancer.... Oh! No, now I'm even talking like a cat!" ~Haru

"Here's another curse, may all your bacon burn!" ~Calcifer

"I used to have a dog... and legs!.. And arms! I vas an Olympic SKIIER before the CIA svitched mien brain vith an GOLDFISH!" ~Klaus

"Because we're REAL vampires, we don't sparkle, we burn." ~Damon

"What? Why are you just staring at me? Is there something stuck on my face?" ~Tatl

"The look on your face right now is just priceless." ~Tetra

"Every time I see those clothes, they annoy me... and whenever I see them... they look uncomfortably warm." ~Ganondorf(TLoZ: Wind Waker- Link's log book.)

"I will not change my moustach, if it is not popular now, it will be because I wear it." ~Adi

"Everybody lies, but it doesn’t matter since nobody listens." ~Unknown

"To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first. And, whatever you hit, call it the target." ~Ashleigh Brilliant

"The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket." ~Unknown

"After one look at this planet any visitor from outer space would say “I WANT TO SEE THE MANAGER.”." ~William S. Burroughs

"Care to dance?" ~Kamui Gakupo

"Let's start our work, shall we? ~Megurine Luka

"Eat until there's nothing left." ~Sakina Meiko

"Money is the best lawyer in Hell." ~Shion Kaito

"Hi, I'm Chucky, wanna play?!" ~Charles Lee Ray (Chucky the doll.)

"The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory." ~Paul Fix

"Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss." ~ Douglas Adams

"When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car." ~Unknown

"If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the Up button." ~Sam Levenson

"silence is golden.

duct tape is silver." ~Unknown

"I’d tell you to go to hell, but I work there and don’t want to see your ugly mug every day." ~Unknown

"Violence won’t solve anything….But it sure makes me feel good." ~Unknown

"I’m not crazy! The voices tell me I am entirely sane…" ~Unknown

"See this hand?

It’s going to descend in an arc that will, in the process, have contact with your face. Just warning you." ~Unknown

"You: “Why are you here?”

Me: “WellHeaven didn’t want me,

And Hell's afraid I’ll take over.”" ~Unknown

"Sarcasm (n.) – the ability to insult idiots without them realizing it…!" ~Unknown

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." ~Albert Einstein

"I can't bring Nathan back Peter, but I can sure as Hell swing a sledgehammer." ~Sylar

"What do I have to be greatful for, I'm dead." ~Nathan

"This time, I will defeat the Brainman!" ~Hiro

"Nathan: Every time there's a secret buried somewhere, I find you with a shovel behind your back.

Angela: You should write Mother's Day cards." ~Nathan and Angela

"Hiro: Flying man! WHOOSH!

Nathan: Will you keep it down!

Hiro: ...whoosh..."

"Sylar: Special delivery.

Danko: How the hell did you get in here?

Sylar: Well, you'd be amazed what you can do with a lifted I.D. badge, a four dollar tie, and a West Baltimore accent. But you've got bigger problems." ~Sylar and Danko

"Lyle: I'm gonna put this on YouTube and make millions!

Zach: YouTube's free, idiot" ~Lyle and Zach

"Ando: Who is it?

Hiro: Destiny!

Ando: I wish Destiny would lose our number." ~Ando and Hiro

"Fine, be like everyone else, homogenus yogurt!" ~Hiro

"Zack: There was a fire 14 years ago in Kermit Texas. Kermit why does that name sound so familar?

Claire: Cause of the frog." ~Zack and Claire

"Hiro: I will find a way. That sword is my destiny. A samurai's weapon must be used with honor. And respect. This sword has many lessons to teach.

Ando: Swords are for killing. That's why they're sharp." ~Hiro and Ando

"I am very special, I offer myself in trade! Release unspecial Ando!" ~Hiro

~Hiro Nakamura: I look upset.

Ando Masahashi: Go talk to yourself.

Hiro Nakamura: No way! I scare me, you do it" ~Hiro and Ando

"Sylar: Haven't I killed you before?

Peter Petrelli: Didn't take." ~Sylar and Peter

"No! Don't start waking me up every hour again, I don't like it, the dark circles under my eyes will come back and I don't know how to deal with the dark circles!" ~Crona

"Oh, nothing... I just have this feeling that the painting hanging in my living rooom is leaning a little bit to the right........." ~Death the Kid

"I'm worthless garbage who can't even write a straight looking K!" ~Death the Kid

"What was that? Did you say SEVEN? No! Take it back! It can't be seven!Say eight! It's physically impossible to cut the number seven in half symmetrically! It must be eight! Eight cut vertically or horizontally remains perfectly symmetrical!!!" ~Death the Kid

"Ragnarok: "If you let him hit you with that technique again, I'm going to stick thumbtacks in your shoes, got it?!"

Crona: "No! Thumbtacks in my shoes would stick into my feet whenever I tried to walk! It'll hurt, and I don't think I can deal with that really!"" ~Crona and Ragnorok

"I'm a dog, you say? Good, because you're dog food!" ~Alucard

"You're so slow! In zhe time it took you to valk down vone little hallvay, I vent all zhe vay to London, got my head blown off, and made it back. Perhaps you should sink about going on a diet, mein Major!" ~Schrodinger

"Edward: Who is it?

Alucard: Oh, you know (Shoots him 37 times through the door) A REAL f*cking vampire!" ~Edward Cullen and Alucard

"Alucard: I'm gonna need a 70 inch... plasma widescreen TV.

Integra: ...Really?

Alucard: With Netflix

Integra: Should it also be 3D?

Alucard: No! That's a stupid f*cking gimmik and everyone knows it!!!"

Awesome song list:(\=In Japanese £=in German $=in English.)

\ The Madness of Duke Venomania

\ Judgement of Corruption

\ Daughter of Evil

\ Servant of Evil

\ Re-Birthday

\ Alice Human Sacrifice

\ Evil Food Eater Conchita

\ Gift From the Princess Who Brings Sleep

\ King of Purple

\ Nishiki no Mai (Dance of Brocade)

\ Joker

\ The Riddler Who Can't Solve Riddles

\ Trick and Treat

\ Flutter, Flutter

\ Go Go Mario (Song and video=hilarious)

\ Gocha Gocha Urase (Stop Nagging me)

\ Dancing Samurai

\ In the Miniature Garden Where the Dragon Howls

\ Shinkou

\ Taisou Gikyoku

Emo Emo

£ Das Englandlied

£ Der Frieschutz

$ Mad World

$ Rolling in the Deep

$ Set Fire to the Rain

$ Rumour Has It

$ Heartlines

$ Someone Like you

$ Pumped Up Kicks

$ Helena Beat

$ Houdini

$ Welcome to the Club

$ Life on the Nickel

$ Waste

$ Don't Stop (Color on the Walls.)

$ Grenade

$ Monster

$ When You're Evil

Epic Movies:

♪# Child's Play

♪# Howl's Moving Castle

♪# Spirited Away

♪# Avatar

♪# The Terminator

♪# The Cat Returns

♪# Back to the Future

♪# Case 39

♪# The Ward

♪# Pet Semetary

♪# Who Framed Roger Rabbit

♪# Battleship

♪# Dacula

♪# Noseferatu

♪# Watership Down

♪# The Day of the Triffids

Charactors I'm a fangirl of:

8D Lord Ghirahim (TLoZ: Skyward Sword)

8D Kamui Gakupo (Vocaloid)

8D Alucard (Hellsing & Hellsing Ultimate)

8D Howl (Howl's Moving Castle)

8D N (Pokemon)

8D Shion Kaito (Vocaloid)

8D Death the Kid (Soul Eater)

8D Crona Makenshi (Soul Eater)

8D Sylar (Heroes)

8D Schrodinger (Hellsing Ultimate)

8D The Undertaker (Black Butler)

8D Grell Suttcliff (Black Butler)

Links to awesome videos(May not be appropriate for all audiances. If it says 17+, just a warning about mature language)

Soul Eater This is Halloween


Soul Eater Why're the Souls Gone?


Hellsing Abridged(17+) 1


Hellsing Abridged (17+) 2


Soul Eater Christmas (13+)


Schrodinger the fluffy


Schrodinger, Ravers in the UK



PS: I think my L button's starting to work for a bit! XD

PPS: I was mistaken....... <-_->

~Le smacketh thine forsaken L button!~

Enjoy life, little childrens… ~♪#